Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Special--a new series!

Hi everyone! We are filming a series called Special, and today we are sharing Episode One. Hope you like it!

I don't want to share any spoilers, so I'll leave it at that. What do you think is going to happen? 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Grace's Day in the Snow

Woof! Happy Valentine's day everyone! Yep, it's Grace the dog. Kit and her sisters' friends Ella and Ruthie came over for Valentine's day this afternoon and played in the park with me. 

It was snowing!


The back of Ruthie's head. ;)

And ME!

The park is really beautiful when covered in snow--and the best part was, hardly anyone else was there!

Ooh, I want to climb the tree!

Well, that didn't go as planned… 

Ella is very adventurous and the two of us explored the park together. 

"I'm the Queen of Snow!" I barked. 

Pretty Ella. ^_^

Ruthie, on the other hand, was much more successful than me and managed to climb the snowy tree. 

I guess it was because of her earmuffs--I want earmuffs!

Silly Ella posing for the camera. 

Hey, I found a mini Christmas Tree!

But soon we got cold and headed back inside.

How did you spend your Valentine's Day? 

Friday, February 13, 2015

A look at American Girl's release


Lanie here. Recently AG had a new release and today I will be going through the new outfits and my opinions. *Disclaimer* these are my own opinions. Seven Little Daisies is in no way affiliated with American Girl. On that note, let's get started!

First we have Samantha's 3 new outfits.

I think the coat is very cute, but pretty old-fashioned, so I don't know if I'd wear it. The green dress, however, is adorable, and would make a perfect Easter dress! The pink dress is very nice, but looks like something Caroline would wear, not me. (Hmm, maybe for her birthday…)

  Next the 2 beach outfits.

That swimsuit is adorable!! That is definitely going on my wish list. Rebecca's beach outfit is OK, but I love the beach chair. 


These are the 3 ballet outfits. (Well, I'm not sure if the red dress was intentionally for ballet, but it looked like it). I think that it was a little unwise of AG to release ballet stuff so soon after Isabelle's retiring, and they are a bit too glittery for my taste.

 Here is Julie's new skateboarding set and dress.

I like the baseball-style t-shirt for the skateboarding set, and the sneakers are too cute. I don't skateboard myself, but have wanted to try it and I could use the outfit for when I hike. My wish list is getting longer…and the dress? Well, I get that it's 70's style, but I don't think any of my sisters or I would wear it. ;)

These are the last of the historical outfits.

First of all, Kit's overalls are really cute! (Kit loves them) Addy's dress & apron is very nice, but might not be much use to us, as we have aprons and dresses already. And, well, the Native American dress isn't something I would wear, but I'm glad that Kaya has a new addition to her line. 

These are the last 4 outfits. 
The robe is very nice, and looks super comfy and soft. It's also a much more realistic style & color than the bright pink robes I've seen in the past. However, I (unfortunately) have a robe already, so I don't think I'll be purchasing this. As for the dress, there is just too much going on. You've got the sequins, the fluffy skirt, and then the flower. I think it would have been much nicer if they skipped the fluff of the bottom and put the flower up near the shoulder. Then there's the soccer uniform, which I think is adorable, except I don't really know how the green knee socks match. Lottie would find a great use for this. :) And then there's the gardening outfit. Knowing me, I think this is so cute! I would use this in the garden a lot over the summer.

Well, that's all. 

All images copyright of American Girl  (except my sign-off) 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

{ Kit's Poem }

Hello! This morning I was feeling kind of artsy, so I decided to write a poem. When I read it to Caroline she took me outside for some pictures. We hope you like it!

This poem is called: My Camera

I hide behind you, 
Day and night,
Letting you capture my life in frozen time. 

From years ago I can look back,
At each dream,
Each wish,
Each wanting,
Each smile,
And I remember.

I remember when I was scared of the dark,
And hid under the covers,
Until morning.
I remember when I waited up for what felt like forever,
On Christmas Eve,
Then falling asleep.
I remember the games of hide-and-go-seek,
Where every time I lost,
But always loved to play. 

You tucked each moment away,
For me to look at in time,
So I'd remember how much fun,
And how many smiles,
And how much laughter,
Was recorded.

Maybe my life isn't all fun and games,
No one's perfect you know,
But this camera that I've had,
And these memories I've created,
Built me a life to love.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Making Valentines

This morning I found Bella sitting at the table with our arts and crafts supplies spread out around her.

"Hey Bella, what are you making?" I asked.

"Well, Valentine's Day is coming up, and I thought it would be nice to make some cards." she responded, busy at work. 
"Cool. Do you mind if I join you?"
"No, I'd love it."

So I picked up a few cards and started writing. 

"Do you mind if I make this one? I think Ms. Williams, our teacher, should get one. She always reads us the best stories in English." I said, opening the card.
"Not at all." Bella responded. 
"Oh, I have a great idea! You love to draw, so how about you make a picture of one of the stories she read us." I exclaimed. 

"That's a good idea." Bella agreed, picking up some paper. "I'll draw Black Beauty, the horse, 'cause we just finished that book."

While she drew I wrote Ms. Williams a note and began decorating a card for our friend, Scarlett.

"I finished!" Bella showed me her drawing. 
"Wow, that's amazing!"

"I just finished a card too." I said, folding mine over.

"Well, let's get these cards in the mail so people can get them in time." Bella slid her picture and Ms. Williams' card in a red envelope.

So I stuck Scarlett's card in an envelope and sealed it with some fun washi tape.

"Can you help me put away the supplies?" Bella asked, producing our craft box.

"Sure." I dropped in some of the leftover cards. 

"Well, do you want to get some lunch? I'm starved." she pushed her chair under the table.

"Sound's good to me."

Have you made Valentines yet?