Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Awesome Food Award!

The amazing Allie D nominated me for this awesome award. Thank you!

Thank the person who nominated you
Answer the 10 questions provided
Come up with 10 more questions that relate to food
Nominate 10 people *please try to nominate at least one person*

What is your favorite food? Um…CHOCOLATE!!! xD
When is the last time you ate chocolate? Probably very recently.
Cake or pie? Hm, they are both delicious, but I'm going to have to go with cake.
What is your favorite meal? BBQ ribs!
Krispy Krem or Dukin' Donuts? Well, I haven't had Krispy Krem before, so Dukin' Donuts. :)
Cookies or cake? Cookies!
Hamburgers or hotdogs? this is a really hard question I'll have to go with hamburgers.
Nuts or cheese? nuts
Store-bought or homemade? Homemade all the way!
Soup or salad? Soup, especially tomato soup!

Yayyyyy that was fun.

I nominate: (sorry I don't have time for 10)
Ellie (the other side of reality)
Shannon (the realm of ag)
Gwen (alone in doll world)

Thanks again, Allie D!