Friday, February 13, 2015

A look at American Girl's release


Lanie here. Recently AG had a new release and today I will be going through the new outfits and my opinions. *Disclaimer* these are my own opinions. Seven Little Daisies is in no way affiliated with American Girl. On that note, let's get started!

First we have Samantha's 3 new outfits.

I think the coat is very cute, but pretty old-fashioned, so I don't know if I'd wear it. The green dress, however, is adorable, and would make a perfect Easter dress! The pink dress is very nice, but looks like something Caroline would wear, not me. (Hmm, maybe for her birthday…)

  Next the 2 beach outfits.

That swimsuit is adorable!! That is definitely going on my wish list. Rebecca's beach outfit is OK, but I love the beach chair. 


These are the 3 ballet outfits. (Well, I'm not sure if the red dress was intentionally for ballet, but it looked like it). I think that it was a little unwise of AG to release ballet stuff so soon after Isabelle's retiring, and they are a bit too glittery for my taste.

 Here is Julie's new skateboarding set and dress.

I like the baseball-style t-shirt for the skateboarding set, and the sneakers are too cute. I don't skateboard myself, but have wanted to try it and I could use the outfit for when I hike. My wish list is getting longer…and the dress? Well, I get that it's 70's style, but I don't think any of my sisters or I would wear it. ;)

These are the last of the historical outfits.

First of all, Kit's overalls are really cute! (Kit loves them) Addy's dress & apron is very nice, but might not be much use to us, as we have aprons and dresses already. And, well, the Native American dress isn't something I would wear, but I'm glad that Kaya has a new addition to her line. 

These are the last 4 outfits. 
The robe is very nice, and looks super comfy and soft. It's also a much more realistic style & color than the bright pink robes I've seen in the past. However, I (unfortunately) have a robe already, so I don't think I'll be purchasing this. As for the dress, there is just too much going on. You've got the sequins, the fluffy skirt, and then the flower. I think it would have been much nicer if they skipped the fluff of the bottom and put the flower up near the shoulder. Then there's the soccer uniform, which I think is adorable, except I don't really know how the green knee socks match. Lottie would find a great use for this. :) And then there's the gardening outfit. Knowing me, I think this is so cute! I would use this in the garden a lot over the summer.

Well, that's all. 

All images copyright of American Girl  (except my sign-off) 


  1. Interesting thoughts!

  2. Thank you. What do you think about the release?

    1. I like a few things, but some I think are quite weird.

  3. Mmm....I agree about the peachy-colored dress. It's far too busy - I like the much cleaner look of the Double-Bow Dress better. :)

    - Ellie