Wednesday, November 18, 2015


*Started by Stargirl

dear m,
I'm pretty sure you stole my sweater in third grade. I would really like it back please.

dear e,
okay first of all yoU ARE FABULOUS and thanks for buying me cookies during play practice when I didn't have money. I still have to repay you, sorry 'bout that. heehee.

dear gym class,
can we move past the fact that I'm bad at basketball and soccer and kickball and pretty much all the other sports?

dear dad,
thanks for picking me up after play practice and teaching me how to play bass guitar. You're amazing.

dear w,
*casually strums tennis racket like a guitar* "WE ARE THE FAILURES!" Also I love your rants during lunch, and I still have our powerpoint from fourth grade.

dear math teacher,
you sort of scare me. When you're sitting at your desk and creepily watching everyone take your's sort of freaky. Just saying. Also, you cannot teach. You never explain anything correctly.

dear mom,
thanks for making waffles in the morning and giving great advice. Love ya <33

dear christmas,
please, oh please get here faster. I have a tree to decorate and carols to sing and two weeks off from school. And if it doesn't snow this year…

dear taylor swift,

dear cafe near my school,
your cookies are wonderful. Like really wonderful. But your sandwiches need more mayonnaise.

dear every single person who has ever watched me eat a sandwich,
sTOP JUDGING ME FOR LIKING MAYONNAISE there are enough of those people in this world. I just really don't like dry bread.

dear computer,
there should be a way to reopen tabs. 'Cause lets be honest, we all close tabs and then forget how to find them and get really mad because we liked that website. Just some advice.

dear diet coke company,
I don't drink diet coke, but I'd really appreciate it if you made a "share a diet coke with CHARLOTTE" can. That would be cool. Thanks.

dear h,
WE ARE DOING MORE PHOTOBOOTHS OKAY?! okay. And can you teach me how to play soccer? Or, make contact with the ball? Great, thanks. :)


oh hey, remember me??
I'm so sorry, I meant to post, but…let's just blame school, okay? I'm getting tired of writing post after post apologizing for not posting, so I'm just giving you a heads up; if I don't post, I'm sorry, but it's probably because I have absolutely NO TIME. 

xo Charlotte