Sunday, February 8, 2015

{ Kit's Poem }

Hello! This morning I was feeling kind of artsy, so I decided to write a poem. When I read it to Caroline she took me outside for some pictures. We hope you like it!

This poem is called: My Camera

I hide behind you, 
Day and night,
Letting you capture my life in frozen time. 

From years ago I can look back,
At each dream,
Each wish,
Each wanting,
Each smile,
And I remember.

I remember when I was scared of the dark,
And hid under the covers,
Until morning.
I remember when I waited up for what felt like forever,
On Christmas Eve,
Then falling asleep.
I remember the games of hide-and-go-seek,
Where every time I lost,
But always loved to play. 

You tucked each moment away,
For me to look at in time,
So I'd remember how much fun,
And how many smiles,
And how much laughter,
Was recorded.

Maybe my life isn't all fun and games,
No one's perfect you know,
But this camera that I've had,
And these memories I've created,
Built me a life to love.